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Student Led Conferences

Student-Led Conferences are important at Bethel Middle School. This is time for students and families to meet with teachers and make plans for success. We are proud of our parent/family partnerships.

Student-Led Conferences occur two times per year and are a required part of the advisory grade.

Students will create a slide show using a template provided during advisory class.

Students will invite parents to join them at school to meet with teachers. Students will share their slides with their parents/guardians prior to meeting with their teachers.

Teachers will visit with parents to talk with them about goals, their individual needs, and student learning plans if necessary.

The Bethel School District calendar contains the dates for student-led conferences. These are at the end of October and end of March to correspond with trimester grading periods.

If you need to schedule a conference during the rest of the school year, please contact your student's teacher, the school counselor, or an administrator to help you facilitate this meeting. These meetings can take place in person, via telephone, or remotely using Zoom or Google Meets.