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Bethel Middle School Attendance Guidelines

Compulsory Attendance: In the State of Washington, school attendance is compulsory for children 8 years and older. The Washington State truancy law, otherwise known as The Becca Bill requires schools to notify parents and guardians of the absences. The school and parent must make a plan when there are unexcused absences recorded. It is our desire to work with families to ensure compulsory attendance of our students. We believe that students who are on time and attend school regularly will build a foundation for academic and social success. Thank you for your support and cooperation with our efforts to ensure good attendance at Bethel Middle School.

Start Time:  7:25 a.m (in seat when bell rings) daily; 8:25 a.m. on late start Wednesday.

Dismissal Time:   1:55 daily, 10:00 on early dismissal days

Excused Tardies/Absences: Illness, dental or medical appointments are considered valid reasons to be tardy/absent. A note from the doctor’s office is always appreciated and may be required after multiple tardies/absences

Unexcused Tardies/Absences: Oversleeping, missing the bus, and socializing are examples of unexcused absences.


  • All late arrivals must check in with a note from the parent upon arrival
  • Unexcused tardies will result in the student receiving lunch after school detention.


  • When your student is absent, it is important for parents to either call our attendance line; verify the absence on family access, or send a written excuse prior to the absence. When calling in please leave the reason for the absence and the dates of the absence.
  • If we have not heard from the parent regarding the absence, parents will receive an automated voice message.

Leaving Early and Change in Transportation Plan

  • Parents must come into the building to sign students out if leaving early. Please have identification.
  • Changing transportation plans must have a written note from the parent/guardian.


Unexcused Absences
1st unexcused absence


2nd unexcused absence in a month

5th unexcused absence in one month, or
10th unexcused in one school year.

Action by Bethel Middle School

Phone call ; Student assigned lunch detention or afterschool detention after 3 days
Conference with administrator

Truancy petition filed
Becca Bill Procedures Followed

Excused Absences

5 excused absences
10 excused absences


15 excused absences

Action by Bethel Middle School

Phone call
Letter of concern sent home and placed in student’s file

2nd letter requiring doctor’s note (Becca Bill Procedures May be Followed)


How do we support you with attendance?

Tier 1 Interventions: 

  • Teachers take daily attendance
  • Daily attendance robocalls
  • Weekly attendance announcements
  • Attendance campaign competition 
  • 90%+ celebration postcards sent home 
  • Teacher monitoring of Advisory attendance
    • Class attendance tracker
    • Menu of options to encourage students to meet 90% goal
    • The attendance team would periodically send out emails to teachers about attendance status (bcc form letters)

Tier 2 Interventions: 

  • “You can do it! You’ve almost made it!” Postcards (80-89%)
  • “We miss you!” postcards (50-70%) 
  • Barriers to Attendance survey sent to students at 3UEA in 30

Tier 3 Interventions (for students who are missing or not attending school)

  • Attendance Meeting w/ Parents and Contract
  • Home Visit + Referral to Positive Steps
  • Brick iPad to spark a  meeting and academic plan for success