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Advisory is held daily from 7:25a-7:45a for all grades. Monday and Tuesday, students participate in lessons focused on citizenship, responsibility, and lessons from our social and emotional curriculum Project Wisdom and Second Step. These are lessons aimed at meeting our school-wide goal of preparing students to take personal responsibility and be prepared for their life after high school. On Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays students are encouraged to seek out extra help opportunities with their teachers during what we call DAWG time. Friday, students who meet certain performance categories (no missing work, perfect attendance, etc) participate in Fun Friday, a time for students to socialize and hang out with friends in supervised activities. 

Advisory serves three purposes:

  • Advisory affords students the opportunity to make a solid connection with at least one adult in the building. 
  • Advisory lessons and portfolios help prepare students for high school and beyond. 
  • Advisory is a place for students to compile their student-led conference presentations for October and March.
  • Advisory is a place students learn about social-emotional skills, executive function, and self-management.
  • Advisory is where students will develop college and career knowledge and create a High School and Beyond Plan.